Our poster campaign - as direct as our medical help!

We go where our help is most needed!

Have you seen our newest posters? They are too direct for you?

Fortunately our medical emergency help in Iraq and northern Syria is it too!
To provide concrete support there, where people were harmed in wars, are forced to flee or try to build up something new,
we need workshop and office rooms, solid communication structures, working hours and your support!

Long story short: not only our operations cost a lot of money - which we want from you!
With your help we can go on with planning and implementing sustainable projects in the future, like our mobile hospital.

Support us now with a donation on a regular basis!


With your regular donation we can react fast and flexible on emergencys and plan our help in a longterm. In addition regular donations minimize our administrative expenses, since the cost of handling these donations is significantly lower than for a one-time donation.
Already 5 Euro per Month are an important contribution for our emergency help. For a regular donation you can use the form shown above or create an banker's order.

Create an banker's order for our bank account (we get 100% of the donation):

CADUS – Redefine Global Solidarity e.V.
Volksbank Berlin
IBAN DE55 1009 0000 2533 5240 04

The idea is simple: CADUS supports - support CADUS!