The coordination of supporting organizations is one of the biggest challenges in disaster aid.

Disrupted mobile communication and lack of internet reduce communication possibilities to conventional encounters on an individual level. This complicates the coordination between organizations and the reasonable division of technological and medical tasks.

Supported by the HTW Berlin, Cadus is developing a p2p-based communication system.

This enables organizations to:

  • connect to each other (Who is on site? What do the organizations offer?)
  • allocation of tasks according to resources of organizations in an optimum way
  • asses and communicate the quality and quantity of damage
  • Furthermore, the software is designed to support organizations in their daily tasks in rural areas in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Through metadata analysis the effectiveness of the measures taken can be evaluated. This data can also be of use for interdisciplinary research projects.

Cadus is carrying out the planning and implementation for the software that will then be provided to NGOs.

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