Technical rescue

Imagine you just had a car accident and you’re badly injured and trapped inside your car. Instead of rescue workers, civilians arrive at the scene and try to free you from the wreckage with their bare hands. Instead of having professional equipment at hand, some mechanic will have to use the most rudimentary means to free you. And that is only if you’re lucky. Not a very comforting idea but sad reality in huge parts of Syria right now.

Similiar scenes are taking place every day in the course of resucuing buried people after one of the many air raids flown by the Syrian Army against its own people. Whether through bombs and rockets from fighter jets or through improvised bombs thrown out of armed helicopters- every air raid takes civilian lifes! To free them and possible survivors from under the rubble, volunteers started to form local comitees of the Syrian Civil Defense Forces, commonly known as “White Helmets”, as early as 2012 in several towns and cities throughout rebel-held Syria. Volunteers in the PYD controlled parts in northern Syria are also trying to install a civilian search and rescue system to deal with the immense destruction and the ongoing attacks from the so called Islamic State. It’s not unusual that the volunteers are standing in the crossfire and are targeted by air raids and other forms of attacks.

CADUS does not want to forsake the people who put their lives at risk to save others. They lack first and foremost technical equipment and professional training. Two things, that we can provide with you as an ally. Hydraulic spreader and scissor are standard issue at german fire departments and the technical emergency service. One can not find any in Syria right now. We want to support our local partners with one set of hydraulic scissor/ spreader and a training course (1 week long). We plan to transport five of these sets to Syria. That kind of machinery helps to drastically shorten the extrication time – often a life and death matter.

As the root causes of this ongoing conflict will not likely be solved politico-millitary in the near future, practical solidarity is now very much needed. The daily fear of bombardment is the most crucial root cause for flight for most of the Syrian refugees. Hencet his project a first further step to soften the causes of flight on site.

Please help us with our goal to support the people in Syria in practical solidarity! You can support our project by simply talk about us and our mission with your friends and family, make it public on Twitter and Facebook and of course by donating to our campaigns.

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