No Life without water – the UN estimates a minimal water demand of 50 liters per day per person, including 5 liters of drinking water.

For most people in regions of crisis or disaster this would be pure luxury. In many cases not even the lowest basic supply is guaranteed. Providing usable water as well as a wastewater infrastructure is therefore a major issue for Cadus. In a lot of emergencies, it is possible to set up a high tech first response unit – long term solutions are much more of a challenge.

In order to develop these according to the specific circumstances and taking into account technical questions as well as social and cultural ones, Cadus is collaborating with researchers and industrial partners. Our goal is to establish an infrastructure that can provide a safe access to drinking water as well as a sustainable wastewater solution run by the local population. Besides the technical set up, Cadus is also organizing workshops to educate people about the relationship between the quality drinking water and health.

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