Meet the team: Martin

What is your job with CADUS?

"I am a technician. Sometimes a cook. Mostly, I fix things, I keep things prepared. I try to keep everything in the background working so the medical team are able to do their work. I make sure there's light when you need to see, there's fire when it's cold, there's a warm hug when you've had a long day."

You worked with the team in Hawija, how was it?

"Hawija was dusty and dirty. There was desert and then more desert, a few mountains and then more desert. It took it's toll on the supplies we had. There was sand creeping into everything. Micheal, the other technician and I spent a long time cleaning everything out and getting it prepared in field. This included the fuel tanks, the generators, the water tanks and medical equipment."

Martin checking the suppliesMartin checking the supplies. Photo: CADUS

Why do you like working with CADUS?

"I like working with CADUS because their only goal is to help civilians. I am not a fan of aid or humanitarian work that is tied to a religious or political ideology. I like solidarity with out strings attached. Working with CADUS allows me to use my skills to take part in helping others. Different cultures are respected, there is no proselytising."

Is there anything else about your experience with CADUS you would like to add?

"I totally fell in love with the stray dogs of Iraq. They are the greatest creatures I have met in my life. I also fell in love with the unregulated energy drink market in this country. Which is simply awesome, if I had to describe it in one word."

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